Call It What It Is!

We are two weeks into the new year and the Trump supporters have run rampant. Trump lost the election back in November, but he and his supporters refuse to accept defeat.

If you recall, over the summer, a reignited race war emerged in response to the overwhelming amount of black lives lost to the hands of white police officers. While majority of the protests were peaceful, black lives were still gunned down, beaten, and arrested at the hands of the police. The lack of security baffled me when redneck Trump supporters sieged the capitol. Officers were seen taking photos with these “thugs” and allowing them to freely run amuck in the capitol.

The government was so focused on beefing up security at Target during BLM protests but I guess they forgot to inform the security at the Capitol that they are supposed to be guarding a Federal building. This is the first time in my lifetime that I have experienced domestic terrorism and it angers me that the media refuses to call it what it is! They label it as mob violence or protests, but its not! When you successfully take complete control over a federal building and create havoc, you are literally doing an act of terrorism.

When BLM protesters were marching for basic human rights and begging for the cops to stop killing us, the media called us thugs, animals, barbaric, delinquents, and any derogatory term you can think of. Where was this sentiment when it came to white protestors in support of Trump. Where was the police? Why were no rifles pointed at them? Where were the rubber bullets when the protestors were climbing the walls of the building? Why were they able to get in so easily? All these questions left unanswered and I, for one, am not okay with it.

Yes, as days passed, the FBI has been taking action to arrest these same protestors and put them on the no fly list. That’s fine and dandy, but they still got off way too easy. Just look at the man wearing horns who’s mom went to the media and stated that he’s not eating because he can only eat organic foods. And what happened the next day? They provided him with an organic diet. Granted, yes he is still human and has the right to request an organic diet just as a Jewish individual can request Kosher meals, but I guarantee you that if they were black, their requests would not have been met the very next day. If they were black, I can assure you, there would have been a lot more casualties than what was reported.

I just wish the media would stop sugar coating this attack and truly speak on what it truly is. If you cannot acknowledge the racist racial divide in this country, then I’m going to need you to open a book and get educated fast. Black people fear for our lives daily and have to explain to our young black boys that the cards are stacked against them just because of the color of their skin. Whereas, white Americans do not need to have that discussion because they are constantly protected in this country. As Joy Ann Reid said, “White Americans aren’t afraid of the cops. White Americans are never afraid of the cops, even when they’re committing an insurrection…”

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